31 August 2017

Sean Connery -- Two Unexpected Parallels, Paradisiacal, and Profane

In one of the more spectacular innuendos in James Bond history, Sean Connery, in 1964's Goldfinger, awakens to find Honor Blackman watching him.

Connery: Who are you? 
Blackman: My name is Pussy Galore. 
(A truly stunning series of smirks rapidly cross Connery's face, threatening to escape containment, but wit prevails.) 
Connery: I must be dreaming.

A decade later in The Wind and the Lion Sean Connery plays the Raizuli, a Berber Chieftain who has abducted an American woman, Mrs Pedecaris, played by Candice Bergen. As they ride through the desert, she asks him his name:

Bergen: There is just one thing I would like to ask you. What is your first name? 
Connery: My first name? 
Bergen: Your Christian name, I mean, the name that precedes all your other names. 
Connery: My first name, my Christian name. I am Muli Ahmed Muhammad Raizuli the Magnificent, Lord of the Rift. 
Bergen: Muli, Muli. That is a nice name. 
Connery: Yes 
Bergen: Muli ... I am Eden, Muli. 
His heads whips around. He looks at her. 
Connery: Eden ... Of course. 
A bemused smile crosses his face as he rides away from her.

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