Alia -- Other Things

Icarus, Bruegel, Auden -- Auden's Musée  des Beaux Arts brilliantly captures Bruegel's Icarus.

C. S. Lewis, the Little People, and the Wrong Shoe -- Lewis writes to his brother about fairies and shoes.

Iliad 1.1-52 Mythgard 2017 Webathon Recording -- The first 52 lines of The Iliad recorded for Signum Annual Fund Drive.

ἄειδε δ’ ἄρα κλέα ἀνδρῶν, or not -- Fame and infamy in the Iliad and The Battle of Maldon

The evolution of a commonplace -- The acceptance of popular culture in the Academy

Achilles ... terrifies us with this violent shouting -- Tennyson translates Homer.

Saturday Morning, 9 AM, too little coffee, too many languages, but friends

On Selling Objectionable Books -- Why we should sell vile books like Mein Kampf.

Not What You Might Expect from Beowulf -- Returning to the pleasures of deep reading.

Me, Spock, and Beowulf, All on the Ferry -- Tom Shippey, Unferth, Mr Spock, and Leonard Nimoy.

A Head Full of Homer, A Trench Full of Blood -- Parsing what we've lived through what we've read.

Things You Find in Grammar Books -- Some comments on comments in an Old English Grammar.

Wonder Invoked -- On the Uses of Enchantment -- reflections on the theme of Mythmoot IV.

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